100% Profits Donated to end hunger

our mission

We chose our mission carefully. 

Pintail Coffee donates 100% of our profits to help fight hunger within our local communities. Providing food for people in need today while creating a sustainable method to help achieve a hunger free world tomorrow. You can enjoy our coffee knowing your purchase will help provide meals to individuals struggling with food insecurity.

The Unseen Hungry

Hunger can affect anyone, and it can go unnoticed right in our own communities.  In fact, you may be surprised to learn that someone close to you struggles to put a nourishing meal on the table each day.  Many individuals and families are only one car repair or medical emergency away from a hunger crisis within their own home.  And some groups of people – like children and seniors – face hunger at a higher, more frequent rate, especially those who already live at the poverty level. Nobody should have to face these kinds of situations, especially in communities where this can be prevented with money and effort.

How Hunger Affects Society

Child Hunger

Hunger affects a child’s ability to concentrate and learn. Malnourishment can often lead to the inability to fight infections, resulting in school absence. With many schools offering free breakfast and lunch programs, missing school further deprives children of these balanced and nutritional meals.

Adult Hunger

Hunger can be completely debilitating for an adult, making it impossible to work or be productive in any way due to lack of stamina and concentration as well as pervasive health issues. If there is a family involved, according to Feeding America the median annual HH income served by them was $9,175. Based on a study conducted in 2014, critical choices and compromises must be met… by caregivers who are already having a hard time concentrating.

Senior Hunger

Faced by 5.2 million senior citizens, hunger is a crisis that often causes choices to be made between purchasing groceries or medication. A poor diet can trigger or exacerbate a host of health conditions, putting millions at risk for serious health crises. Is it fair to ask our seniors to have to live this way?

Rural Hunger

Affecting 2.1 million rural households, hunger takes a toll on communities who face other living challenges, such as access to well stocked grocery stores and food pantries, transportation issues, lower wage jobs and higher unemployment rates. And many times these people cannot afford to move closer to a city where housing costs are highest.

There are many more statistics that tell the story of hunger across our community, our nation and our world. If you simply Google “hunger statistics” there are over 93 million results. This is a problem that is solvable, but only with everyone’s attention and help. Pintail Coffee is committed to doing our part.

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