how we help

Since 2018, we have been committed to fighting hunger and changing lives…

by helping to put food on the tables of those in need.   

We donate all our profits to recognized food insecurity organizations who work to provide healthy, nourishing food for our neighbors who need this help the most.

Long Island, NY

It begins right in our own backyard—the Long Island community which is a metropolis in its own right… 2.7 million people strong.

  • 283,000 people will suffer from hunger this year
  • 182,000 will go hungry tonight
  • 73,000 of those are children
  • 70% are from minority populations
  • 48% are the “working poor” with at least one employed adult
  • 4% are the elderly
  • 6% are homeless

Pintail has been proud to partner with Long Island-based Island Harvest — a member of Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization, and Long Island Cares — founded by the late Harry Chapin, to provide much needed funding for the procurement and distribution of meals.  Each bag of Pintail coffee sold allows us to donate two healthy, nourishing meals to these organizations to help our food insecure neighbors share mealtime with their families and stay healthy.

USA--the richest country in the world—yields some telling and disturbing statistics:

  • 42 million food insecure people in the US over 12.5% of the population

  • 12 million children are facing hunger today… that’s one in every six

Pintail is committed to leveraging our local actions into finding partners across the nation that distribute food to mal-nourished populations on a regular basis, as well as participating in at-the-ready programs to assist food distribution during natural and man-made disasters.


Right now, we are working locally and to an extent nationally, but our vision is to become a global part of the solution.

  • Around the world more than enough food is produced to feed the global population but still almost 10% of the population remain hungry

  • Hunger is back on the rise with as many as 811 million people mal-nourished

Conflict, political issues, social issues, demographics and societal factors all contribute to the problem. Our goal is to help fight hunger in our own communities, and then help stem this huge problem in our country and eventually, around the globe.

charities served

What Does 100% of Profits Mean?

We do get that question often.  First, it’s tough to define 100% of profits.  But we live in a world in which authenticity is paramount to build trust.  So we want to be perfectly transparent in defining how much we donate.

Let’s say a bag of coffee sells direct to you, our consumer for $10.  In that bag are coffee beans that cost us $4.  It costs us $2 to roast, grind (if it is not sold as whole bean), and package the coffee in the bag.  We then have raw costs of utilities, rent and the salaries of people… a lean, loyal, mission-based crew at our coffee roasting facility and headquarters.  Let’s say these raw costs are $2.  So the profit from that bag of coffee sold is $2. That $2 Is donated 100% to a food distribution charity. 

Take the same formula and apply it to our other products either sold at retail or direct to you, and you will see that our commitment to donating 100% of profits is consistent, and ironclad.