100% Profits Donated to end hunger


Yes! At Pintail Coffee, we operate with a minimal staff that work for under industry standard wages so that we can maximize profits. Our company does not keep any money above operating costs and our founders take no compensation or reimbursement of any expenses. We donate far above our profits to help fight hunger.

Some of our top recipients are Island Harvest Food Bank, Long Island Cares Inc., Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition, The Town of Oyster Bay and Molloy College.


A diverse group of minority immigrants who have witnessed the devastation of food insecurity around the world.

It all starts with a cup of Pintail. Turn your morning cup into an act of kindness! For every package of coffee purchased, we donate funding to provide meals to someone in need. Our coffee is just as unique as our mission.


Current retailers that carry our product are within the local Long Island area. You may find us in your local ShopRite, IGA, Foodtown, Uncle Giuseppe’s, C-Town, Key Food or Super Fresh. We can also be found in other independent retailers such as SouthDown Market, Greenlawn Farms, North Shore Farms, Iavarone Brothers Quality Foods and other retailers.

Yes, all Pintail products are EarthKosher certified. You can find this label on our product packaging.
We take extreme care in our bean selection. We insist on the ripest, highest grown, handpicked 100% Arabica beans available. Coffee produced at higher altitudes causes slower bean growth. This slow growth provides a richer and denser coffee bean, giving you the best flavor. We roast in small, fresh batches to ensure a consistent quality in every cup.

We source our beans from farms all over the globe – including Brazil, Colombia, Africa and Indonesia. The beans we use are responsibly sourced, with an aim to building lasting relationships with farmers for years to come.

Our Master Roaster is ranked among the Top 25 Coffee Roasters in the United States. Pintail’s expert professional has more than 30+ years of experience in the industry. Our roaster oversees our roasting and grinding processes from bean selection to final product. In addition, our roaster helps ensure that no product is wasted.


Our line of high-quality coffees was inspired by the beauty of the Pintail duck. Deep chocolate browns, muted grays and the rich black coloring of their feathers inspired a blending of flavors carefully roasted together to achieve the perfect cup of coffee, every cup, every time.
Yes, all orders $50.00 and above qualifies for free shipping! Get the most bang for your buck when ordering our 96 count Single Serve products. Woohoo!
Shipping costs are not a profit area for Pintail Coffee. We charge our customer exactly what the carrier charges us. We absorb shipping costs above $50.00. Since coffee is a non-perishable item – why not order more and spend over the $50.00 mark?! 😉
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