South American “So-Fly” Blend Whole Bean Coffee


A blend of the finest coffees from Colombia and Brazil, perfectly blended with nice body, great aroma.  Has notes of milk chocolate and nuts.


Our South American “So-Fly” is a blend of coffees from Colombia and Brazil, giving you the best of both worlds! Perfectly blended together for nice body, great aroma and finishing notes of sweet milk chocolate and nuts.

If you are looking for a single origin South American coffee, try our Colombian “Yellow Tail”!

Foods/Ingredients that pair well with this coffee: Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cinnamon


SOURCED FROM THE BEST COFFEE PRODUCING COUNTRIES: This blend consists of the finest coffees from Colombia and Brazil, perfectly blended together to create coffee with a nice body and a great aroma.  Notes of milk chocolate and nuts.

WORLD FAMOUS ROASTER: We have state of the art roasting equipment and a team of professionals.  World famous roaster roasts all of our coffee flavors.  Once the samples arrive at our facility, we visually analyze the quality of the raw product.  We do a moisture content of said beans.  Next we roast 100 gram samples on our sample roaster, let the coffee rest for a day and then cup the coffees.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: We insist on the ripest, highest grown, handpicked 100 Arabica beans available.  Our expert professionals take extreme care in beans selection.  Upon finding the right beans, they skillfully roast and blend the coffee to perfection under our strict quality control systems.  We use our state-of-the-art Sieve Shaker to guarantee consistent grind for optimal consistency of flavor profiles.  To guarantee maximum freshness and vibrancy our flavors are roasted upon receiving orders.